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Let’s Explore The Culture Of The So Called Culture State Of India

Let’s Explore The Culture Of The So Called Culture State Of India

With its rich culture and heritage, Rajasthan is one of the most colorful and splendid destinations of India. This charming state has been ruled by the famous Rajputs for centuries. The land of royalty has scores of such colors that make you fall in love with this beautiful state. The locals here generally dubbed as Marwaris and they relish their lives by taking part in several fairs, folk songs and dance performances. The best thing is friendly hospitality which is in the blood of locals of Rajasthan. They welcome their guests with open hearts and treat them as gods. So, pay a visit to this state of fervor and delight and take back beautiful memories that you will love to cherish for the rest of the life.

Arts and crafts

Rajasthan has gained immense popularity owing to its rich culture, which is also a prominent part of Rajasthan culture. The exquisiteness of this state lies in traditional crafts making abilities. The great craftsmen of Rajasthan have been making the richest treasures and so far have given the best shapes to leather goods, textiles and ivory, stone and many more. And the art and craft of this state is known all over the world. Travelers visiting the place are always keen to take back appealing things as a memoir. The popular handicrafts of Rajasthan are handmade jewelry, semi-precious stones, marble handicrafts, brass, ivory, Rajasthani paintings and many more. And one thing that you cannot forget when it comes to handicrafts is wooden furniture made with excellent design.

Fairs and Festivals

Tendering an opportunity to take an insight into the culture and lifestyle of Rajasthan, fairs and festivals are amazing with their music, dance performances, drama, cuisine and animal races. Festivals hold a unique magic for the locals of Rajasthan and they don’t miss a chance to celebrate them with full fervor and enthusiasm. The festivals are celebrated throughout the year. From Nagaur festival which sees the participation of cows, bullocks and horses dressed in different attires, and is celebrated during the months of January and February, to Camel Festival which represents the skills of this amazing animal, celebrated in the month of January, to Elephant festival which is the occasion to relish in March, and a wonderful spot to watch beautifully decorated elephants indulging in plethora of activities, festivals in Rajasthan are a way of life. Scout the festive side of each city with full gusto and zeal.


Each city of Rajasthan has its unique taste of cuisines. Milk is used in most of the food items in regions like Bikaner and Jaisalmer owing to the shortage of water. The cuisine here is usually spicy compared to other Indian dishes. From Bharatpur’s milk sweets, Rasogullas of Bikaner, Mawa of Alwar to butter lassi of Jodhpur, there is a superb variety of sweets in each area of Rajasthan. The locals of Rajasthan are fond of chutneys which are made using different spices like mint, turmeric, salt, garlic and coriander. Some of the other famous Rajasthani dishes are Chaavadi, Bail-Gatte, Churma, Laapasi, Makki ki raab, keri ki sabji and Dal-bati.

Folk Dance

There are many dance forms in Rajasthan that would make you shake your legs along with dancers. These dances follow age old traditions and have a religious significance that entices tourists from different parts of the globe. Apart from the beautiful expressions that add grace to the dance performances, there are stunning costumes worn by the dancers. A very famous dance called the Ghoomer dance is performed only by the women on main occasions. Some of the other famous folk dances performed here are Chari dance, Fire dance, Terah Taal Dance, Drum Dance, Kacchi- Ghodi Dance and so on.

Musical Instruments

The Rajasthani musical instruments are important in making the music harmonious and pleasant sounding. Some of the instruments are played individually without any lyrics. These instruments are classed as wind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments and autophonic instruments. These are used for creating fusion music also. The most famous among these instruments is Percussion instrument which is made from wood and sometimes hailed as pitched or unpitched. Folk music is the soul of this land. It offers the locals of Rajasthan a meaning of putting out of mind the difficult living conditions in the desert land. The rajasthani music has made important contribution in enhancing the Indian music.


The main language spoken in the state of Rajasthan is Hindi. However, each city has its set of words and style. The other languages spoken here are Marwari, Harauti, Malvi, Jaipuri, English and Mewati. One will also get guides speaking in different languages like Chinese, German, Japanese and French. The true melody and charm in the language makes it comprehensible to tons of travelers.


From dupattas and Odhni, mirror worked blouses, tied and dyed dresses, cotton hand painted fabric to several traditional Indian styles; the people of Rajasthan take pride in getting ready for any occasion. When on a cultural tour of Rajasthan, you can see Rajasthani people can’t go without wearing colorful accessories. During special occasions, both men and women wear royal clothes embellished with intricate designing.


Playing a major role in the lives of folks from the medieval to the modern era, religion is the most adorable gift of god. Rajasthan is home to people of all religions, be it Hinduism, Islam, Jainism or Buddhism. There are numerous Hindu shrines, catholic churches, tombs and churches that reflect the mixture of all religions. The most sought after Dargah Sharif-tomb is located in Ajmer. It has been a famous religious center for both Muslims and Hindus. The other religious places to visit in Rajasthan are Sheetla Mata Temple in Bhilwara, Bhandasar shrine in Bikaner, Dilwara, jain temples in Mount Abu and Jagdish temple of Udaipur and many more.

This is not all, as there is so much to explore while holidaying in Rajasthan providing you with a remarkable experience that you will love to reminisce with your close ones in a joyful time.


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